Product catalogue, 8th edition

The 8th edition of Dyomics product catalogue provides a overview on our portfolio and includes more than ninety fluorescent labels in various modifications including our new UV-MegaStokes dyes and a selection of PEGylated dyes with reduced non-specific binding.


A pdf-copy of our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate valid until July 2024.

Staining Protocol for DYOBlue and DYOGreen

Staining Protocol for DYOBlue and DYOGreen.

NIR gel electrophoresis

Detailed protocol for the detection of protein mixtures by means of gel electrophoresis, presented at the LiCor user meeting in Lausanne in June 2009.

NIR-Application note

Application note for DY-680 and DY-780 in protein detection.

JenapharmSpiegel 5/2009

Article about Dyomics on the occasion of the companies tenth anniversary.

Order form, .dot-format

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