DY-635 and DY-704 as molecular pilots for cell-type specific delivery of siRNAs

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Recent papers concerning in vivo-applications of DY-dyes

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DY-681 and DY-781 labeled primers

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DY-682-labeled secondary antibodies

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DY-601XL, DY-613, V07-04118 and V07-04146 as stains in acid media

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DY-520XL in TIRF microscopy

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DY-752 as imaging agent

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DY-481XL and DYQ-661 as FRET-pair

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DY-636 on labeled particles

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DY-682 in tumor imaging

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DY-681-labeled primers

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DY-781-dUTP in PCR application

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DY-681 in PCR application

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DY-485XL labeled secondary antibody

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DY-615 in labeled peptides

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MegaStokes dyes in silica particles

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DY-635 and DY-647-biotin conjugates

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DY-676, DY-681, DY-731, DY-751 and DY-776 for molecular imaging

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V03-01136 (now FatRed) as fat stain

Heilig A., Göggerle A., Hinrichs J., Multiphase visualisation of fat containing beta-lactoglobulin-k-carrageenan gels by confocal scanning laser microscopy, using a novel dye, V03-01136, for fat staining, LWT - Food Science and Technology, 42(2009)646-53.

DY-547 in antibody labeling

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DY-649 labeled antibodies

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DY-675 for cancer imaging

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DY-485XL in STED-microscopy

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DY-548 and DY-648 on cDNA-microarrays


DY-676 for in vivo imaging

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DY-676 for in vivo imaging

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DY-505, DY-555 and DY-635 in electrophoresis application

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DY-680 and DY-780 in proteomics

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DY-680 and DY-780 in proteomics (among others) / Review

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DY-665-X as standard for NIR-quantum yield measurements

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DY-548 and DY-648 on microarrays:

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DY-547 on microarrays

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DY-633-labeled secondary antibody

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DY-633-labeled secondary antibody

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DY-485XL in 4Pi microscopy:

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DY-485XL-labeled antibody in microscopy:

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DY-676 as contrast agent:

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DY-676 in in-vivo imaging:

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DY-630 labeled peptide to study GPCRs:

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DY-636 in a SNP hairpin probe:

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DY-520XL in cross correlation FCS:

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DY-630-biotin in single molecule detection:

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DY-647 and DYQ-660 as FRET pair:

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DY-633-labeled primers for microarray applications:

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DY-630 in DNA- and protein arrays:

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DY-633-labeled peptides:

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Detection of DY-681-labeled proteins:

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DY-681 and DY-781 in sequencing application:

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Detection of DY-630-Maleimid-labeled proteins:

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DY-630 on DNA-microarrays:

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Optical properties of DY-630 and DY-635:

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