Absorption / emission max.:

  • 674 nm / 699 nm(in Ethanol)

Molar absorbance:

  • 180.000 M-1cm-1


  • Soluble in water, methanol, DMF, DMSO
  • Bright solid state emission
  • Suitable for protein labeling, microarray experiments,
    FisH microscopy, gel electrophoresis
  • Negatively charged
  • Improved water solubility
  • DY-676


  • DY-676 Diagram

    DY-676 Diagram

  • DY-676 Structure

    DY-676 Structure


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Available Modifications

Available ModificationsMolecular Weight (g · mol-1)Molecular formulaProductnumberMSDS
Carboxylic acid808.95C42H45N2O9S2Na676-00Download


Available ModificationsAmountPr.nr.PriceQty.Order
DY-676, Carboxylic acid 1 mg676-00117.60 €
DY-676-NHS-ester1 mg676-01147.00 €
DY-676-NHS-ester, portionized5 x 0.2mg676-01A175.00 €
DY-676, aminomodified1 mg676-02189.00 €
DY-676-Maleimide1 mg676-03189.00 €

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