Absorption/emission max:

  • 580 nm / 599 nm (in Ethanol)

Molar absorbance:

  • 120.000 M-1cm-1


  • Soluble in methanol, DMF, DMSO
  • Suitable for protein labeling, microarray experiments,
    FisH microscopy, gel electrophoresis
  • Spectral similar to Texas Red
  • DY-590


  • DY-590 Diagram

    DY-590 Diagram

  • DY-590 Structure

    DY-590 Structure


Nagel S., Ehrentraut S., Tomasch J., Quentmeier H., Meyer C., et al., Ectopic Expression of Homeobox Gene NKX2-1 in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Is Mediated by Aberrant Chromatin Modifications. PLoS ONE 8(2013) e61447.

Paesold S., Borchardt D., Schmidt T., Dechyeva D., A sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) reference FISH karyotype for chromosome and chromosome-arm identification, integration of genetic linkage groups and analysis of major repeat family distribution, The Plant Journal, 72(2012)600-611.

Cupedo T., Crellin N. K., Papazian N., Rombouts E. J., Weijer K., Grogan J. L., Fibbe W. E., Cornelissen J. J., Spits H., Human fetal lymphoid tissue-inducer cells are interleukin 17-producing precursors to RORC+ CD127+ natural killer-like cells, Nature Immunology 10(2008)66 - 74.


Smadja D. M., d'Audigier C., Guerin C. L., Mauge L., Dizier B., Silvestre J.-S., Dal Cortivo L., Gaussem P., Emmerich J., Angiogenic potential of BM MSCs derived from patients with critical leg ischemia, Bone Marrow Transplantation 47(2012) 997-1000.


Available Modifications

Available Modifications Molecular Weight (g · mol-1) Molecular formula Productnumber MSDS
Carboxylic acid 719.88 C37H41N3O8S2 590-00 Download
NHS-ester 816.96 C41H44N4O10S2 590-01 Download
Amino-derivative 798.42 C39H48N5O7S2Cl 590-02 Download
Maleimide 842.01 C43H47N5O9S2 590-03 Download
Phalloidin 1489.75 C72H88N12O17S3 590-33 Download
dUTP 1248.82 C49H55N6O21P3S2 * 4Li 590-34 Download


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