Absorption / emission max.:

  • 520 nm / 664 nm(in Ethanol)

Molar absorbance:

  • 50.000 M-1cm-1 

Fluorescence lifetime:

  • 2.1 ns (in Ethanol)


  • Soluble in methanol, DMF, DMSO
  • Bright solid state emission
  • Suitable for protein labeling, microarray experiments,
    FisH microscopy, gel electrophoresis
  • DY-520XL


  • DY-520XL Diagram

    DY-520XL Diagram

  • DY-520XL Structure

    DY-520XL Structure


Kosturko L. D., Maggipinto M. J., Korza G., Lee J. W., Carson J. H., Barbarese E., Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP) E1 Binds to hnRNP A2 and Inhibits Translation of A2 Response Element mRNAs, Mol. Biol. Cell August 1, 17(2006)3521-3533.

Spendier K., Carroll-Portillo A., Thomas J. L., Distribution and Dynamics of Rat Basophilic Leukemia Immunoglobulin E Receptors (FcεRI) on Planar Ligand-Presenting Surfaces, Biophys. J. 99(2010)388-397.

Tansi F. L., Rüger R., Rabenhold M., Steiniger F., Fahr A., Kaiser W. A., Hilger I., Liposomal Encapsulation of a Near-Infrared Fluorophore Enhances Fluorescence Quenching and Reliable Whole Body Optical Imaging Upon Activation In Vivo. Small.  (2013) DOI: 10.1002/smll.201203211.


Available Modifications

Available Modifications Molecular Weight (g · mol-1) Molecular formula Productnumber MSDS
Carboxylic acid 514.60 C26H30N2O7S 520XL-00 Download
NHS-ester 611.68 C30H33N3O9S 520XL-01 Download
Amino-derivative 593.14 C28H37N4O6SCI 520XL-02 Download
Maleimide 636.73 C32H36N4O8S 520XL-03 Download
STP-Ester 764.71 C32H29F4N2O10S2 * Na 520XL-05 Download
dUTP 1043.54 C38H44N5O20P3S * 4Li 520XL-34 Download


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