Absorption / emission max.:

  • 500 nm / 630 nm(in Ethanol)

Molar absorbance:

  • 50.000 M-1cm-1


  • Soluble in methanol, DMF, DMSO
  • Suitable for protein labeling, microarray experiments,
    FisH microscopy, gel electrophoresis
  • Exceptional Stokes-Shift
  • DY-480XL


  • DY-480XL Diagram

    DY-480XL Diagram

  • DY-480XL Structure

    DY-480XL Structure


Nizamov S., Willig K. I., Sednev M. V., Belov V. N., Hell S. W., Phosphorylated 3-Heteroarylcoumarins and Their Use in Fluorescence Microscopy and Nanoscopy, Chemistry - A European Journal, 51(2012)16339-16348

Pellett P. A., Sun X., Gould T. J., Rothman J. E.,  Xu M.-Q., Corrêa I. R. Jr., Bewersdorf J., Two-color STED microscopy in living cells, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, 8(2011)2364-2371.

Hua Y., Sinha R., Thiel C. S., Schmidt R., Hüve J., Martens H., Hell S. W., Egner A., Klingauf J., A readily retrievable pool of synaptic vesicles, Nature Neuroscience (2011), DOI : 10.1038/nn.2838.


Available Modifications

Available Modifications Molecular Weight (g · mol-1) Molecular formula Productnumber MSDS
Carboxylic acid 514.60 C26H30N2O7S 480XL-00 Download
NHS-ester 611.68 C30H33N3O9S 480XL-01 Download
Amino-derivative 593.14 C28H37N4O6SCI 480XL-02 Download
Maleimide 636.73 C32H36N4O8S 480XL-03 Download
STP-Ester 764.71 C32H29F4N2O10S2 * Na 480XL-05 Download
dUTP 1043.54 C38H44N5O20P3S * 4Li 480XL-34 Download


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